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SEF works with the Siuslaw and Mapleton school staff and administrators to generate funds for the schools. Here are some of the priorities:

      - Textbooks

      - Technology hardware and software and access

      - Materials for STEAM activities. STEAM is Science,           Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math and is one of the state level efforts to build skills in these areas. 

      - Art & Music supplies and equipment

      - Materials for Lego Robotics. Students build remote controlled vehicles and compete with other schools for achievement in design, creativity, and operation. The preskills learned in these activities are elemental to further work in engineering, design, cooperative work and more! 

      - Career, Technical and Vocational programs. Training beyond high school is imperative for today's graduates, so one district priority is to provide programs that broaden the options for students to explore when deciding about post-high school education. Culinary Arts, Woodworking, Auto Body, Health Occupations are some of the options to support. 

Funding Priorities

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